Dry Eye Helpful Tips

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    Here are some helpful tips if you suffer from dry eye syndrome:

    1. Wear sunglasses outside.  This will not only reduce the aggravating glare, but will provide a "windshield" to help block the drying wind effect.
    2. Stay hydrated - drink plenty of water and fluids.
    3. In your bedroom - add a humidifier and turn OFF the fans!
    4. Aim vents in cars away from your face.
    5. Take frequent "blink breaks" when using a computer.  When you concentrate on something like a computer screen or when reading your normal blink rate decreases.
    6. If taking hormone replacement therapy, be sure your primary care doctor knows about your tear problem in case there are alternatives.
    7. It is okay (and desirable) to use over-the-counter lubricants up to 4 times a day (not "get the red out drops") as needed for extra relief.  If you need them more than that unpreserved lubrication drops are preferred.  Your eye doctor can recommend the best type of lubrication for you.
    8. Supplements that contain flaxseed oil and omega-3 fatty acids can provide extra benefit.
    9. Avoid excessive caffeine.
    10. Smoking aggravates dryness.
    11. Be aware that environmental factors can add to your discomfort (smoke, fumes, dust).
    12. Airline travel can increase symptoms.  Bring lubricants with you.
    13. Taking antihistamines for allergies can increase symptoms since they dry out the eyes.

    Take our Dry Eye Questionnaire on the left of our For Our Patients page under Download Forms and bring it to your appointment to help us tailor a dry eye treatment plan for your individual needs.

    For products specifically designed for dry eye sufferers, visit the Dry Eye Store for humidifiers, eye masks, goggles and wrap glasses.