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    At Five Points Eye Care Center we make it our mission to carry only high-quality eyewear that is both fashionable and comfortable. We make every attempt to keep our styles current so that each frame has both the most up-to-date style as well as the longest warranty possible. All of our frames have a lifetime adjustment warranty. Even where it may seem all hope is lost, we can sometimes even adjust frames that have been sat or stepped on. Regardless of cost or manufacturer, all of our frames are guaranteed to be free from defects.


    � A nickel/copper alloy that is both durable and easy to adjust
    � The most commonly used metal in eyewear
    � Typically has the strongest solder joints
    � Nickel can sometimes cause skin reactions in persons with sensitive skin
    Stainless Steel
    � Lighter weight than monel
    � Usually thinner than monel
    � Fewer skin irritations than monel
    � Lightest weight metal
    � Usually thinner than monel
    � Hypoallergenic
    Beta Titanium/Flexon
    � Flexible metal that returns to its original shape when bent
    � Light weight
    � Corrosion-resistant
    � Often has an extended manufacturer's warranty
    � Light weight
    � Corrosion-resistant
    � Light weight
    � Available in wide variety of colors
    � Corrosion-resistant


    � Metal frames are held together with screws, requiring occasional tightening.
    � Plastic frames hold the lenses without screws, requiring little or no maintenance other than an occasional realignment of the temples
    � Glass lenses are allowed

    Semi-rimless (also referred to as "grooved rimless")
    � Available in both metal and plastic
    � Usually indicated by a nylon cord stretched beneath the eyeglass lens.
    � Often less maintenance than full-rimmed metal frames
    � Polycarbonate is recommended to prevent lens chipping
    � Glass lenses are not allowed

    Rimless (also referred to as "drill mount" or "3-piece mount")
    � Often referred to as the "jewelry" of eyewear, lenses in these frames are held by screws or compression devices
    � Rimless frames give the appearance of not wearing glasses
    � Available in many prescriptions
    � Polycarbonate and Trivex lenses are recommended
    � Glass lenses are not allowed