Optical Coherence Tomographer (OCT)

  • Five Points Eye Care Services

    The Optical Coherence Tomographer or OCT uses special light to scan the optic nerve and retina, creating detailed images that can help doctors manage glaucoma, other optic nerve diseases and retinal diseases like macular degeneration and macular edema (swelling).

    OCT is one of the latest high-tech diagnostic tools in the defense against glaucoma.Glaucoma, usually indicated by abnormally high pressure inside the eye, can develop into blindness. OCT can help us determine a patient's potential to develop glaucoma before tissue damage occurs, allowing us to consider treatment options long before other tests would have even diagnosed the condition. The sooner glaucoma is detected, the better the chance of preserving vision.

    When OCT scans are performed on the retina, the images produced give a cross-section of the macula in such detail that the different layers of the retina can be distinguished which allows better diagnosis of retinal diseases. With this diagnostic tool treatment for macular degeneration and retinal swelling from diabetes can be monitored, enabling the doctors to assess whether or not more treatments are necessary.